Testimoni Alumni: Criswanto Dwi Nugroho

Criswanto Dwi NugrohoTestimoni alumni kali ini diberikan oleh Criswanto, Software Engineering Senior Analyst di Accenture. Beliau akan menceritakan pengalamannya dalam Bahasa Inggris.

My career with Accenture, a leading global professional services company, began in 2012, just 2 weeks before my graduation day. It wasn’t that hard for me to step into my career journey since my ups and downs during my “Ciumbuleuit 94” life have prepared me, good enough.


I’ve been helping my clients in different industries (automotive, manufacture, utilities, telecommunication, healthcare, and transportation, etc.) in developing Financial Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting System; Production, Inventory, and Distribution Management System; Business Intelligence; Management Reporting; Mobility; Healthcare Information System; and more.

We are using a wide range of technology, such SAP BPC, IBM Cognos TM1, Microsoft .Net, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Siebel CRM, Oracle WebLogic, and more.


Back then when I was in college, I enrolled to Business Information Technology sub major. Luckily, most of the subjects are relevant with my current job. Information System Project, Programming, Database, Middleware, Accounting, and Management are some of the most.

I didn’t get the luxury of dedicated training session at the start of my career. It was like “Ok Cris, this is your first project, please go to this client site tomorrow morning. Good luck!”. I felt like a little duckling being pushed into a raging water. But as I said, I’m prepared & ready. Nervous, yes, but ready.


Leadership has always been my key differentiate, it helps me to shine & move forward a little bit faster. I began to lead a team since my first project. On my third project, I was leading a team of 15 people. My challenging days and nights as the Chairman of Student Association of Informatics Department, UNPAR, has nicely shaped me to become the kind of leader am I know.


Another thing that I appreciate the most from UNPAR is that small building in the corner, “Lembaga Pengembangan Humaniora“. It has those so much fun & interesting activities you can join to enhance your leadership, communication, team work, creativity, negotiation skill, problem solving skill, and more.

The time I spent in classes helped me to easily step into my career journey, but these soft skills, they have always been my rocket engine -supporting & pushing me hard to the place where I am now.


I also interested in conducting research together with my colleagues. Some parts of our research in the field of mobile commerce have been published in international journals, titled “E-Commerce Mobile Marketing Model Resolving Users Acceptance Criteria“, “Prototyping of an E-Commerce Mobile Marketing System“, and “Requirement Analysis Method of E-Commerce Websites Development for Small-Medium Enterprises, Case Study: Indonesia“.


It was pretty much all that I can share about my past few interesting years, I’m glad to be the part of UNPAR family and will continue exploring, advancing, creating my own Saga. I’m wishing you all a very good luck and see you on top. TO THE SKY!

by Criswanto Dwi Nugroho, Veronica Sri Moertini, & Pascal Alfadian Nugroh