Profil Alumni: Jenny Tania

Jenny adalah alumni Teknik Informatika UNPAR (dahulu Ilmu Komputer) angkatan 1998. Saat ini beliau sedang menempuh studi lanjut di Fanshawe College London, Kanada. Berikut adalah cerita yang diberikan oleh beliau, dalam bahasa Inggris:

I have always enjoyed using computers since my early age. When I saw the advertisement in the local news for Computer Science undergraduate program in Parahyangan University, it was very clear that this program was the only option I wanted to pursue for a higher education. The program was starting its 3rd year when I was admitted, yet I found the faculty and staff were professional and most definitely knowledgeable and helpful.

I learned a lot about computer technology inside out, taught by professionals and academic pioneers in this field. Most of the courses encouraged me to think critically, logically, and algorithmically. I started seeing things as chains of process, with their prerequisites and dependencies towards each other. This developed skill is a lesson for life. I think and do my personal life in a logical and structural way with huge attention to details. It’s just like coding, every single word has to be impeccably written and positioned to reach certain goals effectively.

There was a balance between learning theory and having a lot of face time with computers at the lab. The lab work was always fun and educative. It can be challenging at times, but looking back now, those assignments created building blocks of knowledge that are valuable for me today. I had the privilege to join the team of lab assistants to assist younger students with their works. When you are asked to teach something, it means you have to understand it, then pass on the knowledge, which makes it a great way of learning for yourself.

I was hired right after graduation as a software developer and worked as one for 5 years. I joined different IT teams in Bandung, Thailand, and Lombok. I changed course to do social work in England and Canada for 6 years, because that’s another passion of mine that needed attention. I am a permanent resident in Canada now and last year, the nerd inside me is calling me back to the IT world, so I became a graduate student at Fanshawe College in London (Canada) to learn about Geographical Information System (GIS) which enabled me to make professional thematic maps, such as crime hot spot analysis, watershed rehabilitation plan, using different wavelengths from satellites to detect vegetation health, and many more. I am starting my Master program in GIS at the University of Western Ontario this fall and I will be relying on my logical and structural thinking to conduct analysis for my research, which was well brushed and polished during my Computer Science study.

by Jenny Tania & Pascal Alfadian Nugroho